Subaru GR86 2022+ Billet Dress Up Hardware Kit

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Subaru GR86 2022+ Billet Dress Up Hardware Kit 

  • This 130pc. kit replaces the OEM hardware with Billet Beauty Washers and steel nuts and socket head bolts
  • Various Anodized Colors Available
  • Kit includes fasteners for: Positive Batter Cable Bracket, LH Shock Tower Bolt Next To hood Latch Cable, ECU Bracket, Windshield Wiper Reservoir, Radiator Cap Neck, Fuse Box, Front Bumper, Fender Braces, Fenders, RH Shock Tower Ground, Headlights, Air Box, Hood Latch Hook, Hood Locking Latch, ABS, Hood To Hinge, Struts, Strut Bar. 
  • Detailed instructions included
  • 6061 billet aluminum anodized Beauty Washers*