RZCREW Suspension

We are a proud distributor of to the RZCREW line of products at Midnight Auto Garage. These are quality built, high performance race proven parts. From air intakes, throttle bodies, coils overs and a whole lot more these products are built for the making the driving experience that much better! We offer free local delivery in the Calgary area and competitive shipping everywhere else.  Please contact us with any questions as we would love to help you as best we can with your build. These coil over are,

- Twin-tube design for spirited driving and comfort.
- Full body length adjustment with separate spring pre-load to avoid bumpiness.
- Fully treated steel body for strength and life span.
- Teflon springs seats to avoid squeaky noises.
- 24 adjustement steps, for precise suspension tuning.
- 1 year one-to-one replacement strut on any leak.
- The RZCrew Racing GT Monotube Coilovers are track-tested, and their reliability has been proven during the 2019 Sepang 1000km Race held in Malaysia. Our suspensions completed the race with no sign of leakage or registered fatigue during the after-race inspection.