Rzcrew Racing - GoTrack "GT" Monotube Coilover Kit - Mazda 3 Axela Sport BK

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Part Number: BGT-0507-XA
Mounts: Top Mount Included
Spring Rates:
Rear: 5kg

RZCrew Racing GoTrack "GT" Series is a high-spec fast street/race damper that focuses on performance and precise handling.

Unlike traditional coilover kits that lower your car for general street driving, the GT kit provides a lowered ride and massively improved handling, thanks to higher spring rates and a redefined front / rear high speed balance.
The full body length adjustment and separate pre-load setting allow a lowered stance without sacrificing bump-stroke travel.
Its inverted Monotube design allows for high precision driving and predictability.
The GoTrack Coilover kits feature 24-steps adjustable dampening for precise suspension tuning.
This suspension kit can be fully overhauled.
We learnt from other brands that downtime is never ideal for our customers, thus all our coilover kits carry a strict 1 year one-to-one strut replacement warranty in the case of any leak.

Our GoTrack Coilover kits feature:

- Inverted Monotube design for spirited driving and racing.
- Full body length adjustment with separate spring pre-load to avoid bumpiness.
- Fully treated steel body for strength and life span.
- High quality Fush Silkolene oil for better damper temperature control and lower friction during hard cornering
- Teflon springs seats to avoid squeaky noises.
- 24 adjustement steps, for precise suspension tuning.
- Free choice of spring rate from 4kg to 10kg.
- 1 year one-to-one replacement strut on any leak.
- The RZCrew Racing GT Monotube Coilovers are track-tested, and their reliability has been proven during the 2019 Sepang 1000km Race held in Malaysia. Our suspensions completed the race with no sign of leakage or registered fatigue during the after-race inspection.
Top Mount Included