Rzcrew Racing - Billet Airstream Intake Manifold - Mitsubishi - Lancer Evolution CP9A Evo 4/5/6

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Reference Number: HVAIR-M-EVO
Intake Type: Intake Manifold

This is the final version of RZcrew's Billet Intake Manifold for the popular 4G63T engine. The new design features a modular design allowing you to change from a 3.5 to 5 liter plenum depending on your engine specifications. RZcrew's Racing Billet Intake for the Lancer Evolution CT9A is bolt-on. It will fit with the stock sensors and throttle body. It is compatible with both long nose and short nose injectors, and with any type of stock or aftermarket fuel rail.

These intakes features: :
- Full two parts Billet construction.
- Heat resistant 3mm Teflon gasket between the plenum and the runners to ensure a lower intake temperature.
-Lightweight construction: Only 6Kg.
- A new flange design for easy bolt-on installation.
- Modular design to match your specs.
- Optimised airflow for better performance.
- All sensor fittings are now Located below the plenum, allowing for a clean look in the engine bay.
This product is fully customisable. Colour anodisation can be applied to the whole intake or separately to the runner and the plenum. Please choose your colour option in the menu. ( Silver is the default colour)

All Rzcrew Racing Airstream intake manifolds feature high capacity plenums for better engine response and calculated oversized runners to ensure a faster airflow into the engine head. The flange is made to match the stock head for a seamless and turbulence-free air flow in the combustion chamber.

We highly recommend to have your intake manifolds professionally installed and Tuned with a standalone ECU to get the best performance out of the intakes.

What's in the Box:
- Two Parts Full Billet Rzcrew Racing Airstream Technology Intake Manifold.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Plenum to Intake Gasket.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Throttle Body Gasket.
- All Aluminum Fittings and Blockers.
- Spacer and hardware

For Turbo applications, the RZCrew manifolds generate between 15 to 40hp with supporting modifications (boost, high cams, higher flow injectors, etc) and engine tuning.
Please note that modification on your vaccum and sensor wiring may be necessary to fit this intake manifold. Throttle body will need to be installed upside down to fit the throttle body cable.

stock bore, 70mm or 74mm Inside diameter.

This part fits:

Lancer Evolution IV | CN9A | 1996-1997 | TC | 4G63T 2nd Gen | I4
Lancer Evolution V | CP9A | 1998-1999 | TC | 4G63T 2nd Gen | I4
Lancer Evolution VI | CP9A | 1999-2001 | TC | 4G63T 2nd Gen | I4