Rzcrew Racing - Billet Airstream Centerfeed Intake Manifold - Honda - Civic K20A/K20Z/K series

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Reference Number: HVAIR-H-KSCF
Intake Type: Intake Manifold

This is the Version 2 of the popular Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold for the Honda K-series. This newly re-designed Rzcrew intake manifold for the K20A and K20Z features:
- Full Two Parts Billet construction with Symetrical plenum. The throttle body can be installed either side.
- Heat resistant Teflon Gasket between the plenum and the runners to ensure lower intake temperature.
-Lighweight Construction: Only 6Kg.
- A new flange system for easy bolt-on installation.
- Total Intake Volume is 3.2L featuring 2.2L plenum with optimised airflow for better performance. Please note that Plenum Volume could be increased on demand( payable option).
- Center Feed Throttle body position.
- Runners length are similar to the stock Manifold and Trumpets are reworked for better NA and Boosted performance along the whole power range. You also do not need to pay extra for Intake Porting.

All Rzcrew Racing Airstream Intake Manifolds feature high capacity plenums for better engine response and calculated oversized runners to ensure a faster airflow into the engine head. The flange is made to match the stock head for a seamless and turbulence-free air flow in the combustion chamber.
RZcrew's proprietary AirStream technology features internal trumpets angled to optimise air flow and ensure each cylinder is fed with the same amount of air. The results are improved power along the entire rev range. You can check the flow testing in the product picture.

RZCrew's Billet intake manifolds are direct-fit replacements for the original intakes and designed to work with stock or oversized throttle bodies. Please check the specifications for the supported throttle body diameter, plenum size, etc.
These manifolds are designed to be heavy duty to handle racing application without showing weaknesses or cracks.

We highly recommend to have your intake manifolds professionally installed and Tuned with a standalone ECU to get the best performance out of the intakes.

What's in the Box:
- Two Parts Full Billet Rzcrew Racing Airstream Technology center feed Intake Manifold.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Plenum to Intake Gasket.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Throttle Body Gasket.
- Eacv Complete Billet Relocation Kit with Fitting.
- Coolant Passage relocation Kit Optional
- AN16 and 32mm Fittings for coolant passage. Can Be installed with Aftermarket AN1 Hoses or plug the stock OEM unit.
- All Aluminum Fittings and Blockers.

For Na or Forced Induction applications, the RZCrew Racing Billet manifold generates between 5 to 30hp with supporting modifications (high cams, higher flow injectors, etc) and engine tuning.
RZcrew's intake Manifold features a stock Throttle body pattern ( 70mm inlet diameter) To accomodate any Aftermarket Throttle body ( Rzcrew Racing, Skunk 2, Ktuned). Sensor wiring may need to be extended or rerouted during installation. Vaccum lines need to be rerouted.

Throttle body opening (70mm): ( 72, 74 or 76 mm ID are also available). For other info contact Midnight Auto Garage. It may be chargeable. During checkout let us know the throttle body pattern used ( RRC, RBC, RRB)

This part fits:

Civic Type R Euro | FN2R | 2009-2012 | NA | K20A | I4
Civic Type R | EP3 | 2001-2005 | NA | K20A | I4
Civic Type R | FD2R | 2007-2010 | NA | K20A | I4
Integra type R | DC5R Zenki | 2002-2004 | NA | K20A | I4
Integra type R | DC5R Kouki | 2004-2006 | NA | K20A | I4
Integra | DC5 | 2002-2006 | NA | K20Z1 | I4
Accord Euro R | CL7 | 2002-2008 | NA | K20A | I4
Accord | CL9 | 2002-2008 | NA | K24A3 | I4