Rzcrew Racing - Billet Airstream Intake Manifold - Honda - Civic Sedan FC1

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Reference Number: HVAIR-T-FC1
Intake Type: Intake Manifold

This is the latest version of the popular Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold for the Civic Tenth Generation FC/FK 1.5L Turbo. The main idea for this intake was to replace the plastic OEM unit while increasing total volume to get better mid and high-rev performance. Runners size and plenum features a 39% volume increase, allowing for a better throttle response, even on a stock turbo unit.

This Rzcrew intake manifold for the L15B7 features:
- Welded two-parts billet construction. Replacing the stock plastic intake manifold which may become brittle due to high heat and pressure is a must to boost more.
- 3mm heat resistant Teflon throttle body and intake gaskets to ensure lower intake temperatures.
-Lighweight construction: only 5.5Kg.
- A new flange system for easy bolt-on installation.
- Total intake volume increased by 39% compared to stock, with optimized airflow for better performance.
- Bolt-on installation: all sensors are located at the same oem position for ease of installation.
- Runners length are similar to the stock manifold and trumpets are reworked for better boosted performance along the whole power range. You do not need to pay for extra intake porting.
- Fully customisable: colour and throttle body pattern can be chosen in the Options menu.

All Rzcrew Racing Airstream Intake Manifolds feature high capacity plenums for better engine response, and calculated oversized runners to ensure a faster airflow into the engine head. The flange is made to match the stock head for a seamless and turbulence-free air flow in the combustion chamber. RZcrew's manifolds are designed to be heavy duty to handle racing application without showing weaknesses or cracks.
IMPORTANT NOTES: We highly recommend professional installation for this intake. Vacuum line may need to be rerouted.

What's in the Box:
- Two Parts Full Billet Rzcrew Racing Airstream Technology Intake Manifold.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Plenum to Intake Gasket.
- Heat Resistant Teflon Throttle Body Gasket.
- All Aluminum Fittings and Blockers.

For Forced Induction applications, the RZCrew Racing Billet manifold generate between 5 to 30hp with supporting modifications (high cams, higher flow injectors, etc) and engine tuning.
RZCrew's Billet intake manifolds are fully customisable:
- A wide range of anodisation colour are available ( Please check the Options Menu).
- Throttle body Bolt patterns are available for the stock unit or the Rzcrew Racing 65mm E-Throttle.( Please check the Options Menu)

Stock Throttle body pattern or 65mm Rzcrew Racing E throttle.

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