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When racing or drifting a late model Z33 350Z (HR) or a Z34 370z the steering at speed gets harder due to the factory speed sensitive steering solenoid. To overcome this we have made a custom stainless steel 316 fitting that simply and very easily replaced the factory solenoid with no negative effect. 

- DIY install in 5 minutes with the car on a hoist.
- CNC machined from SS316
- No permanent modifications required

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z (06+ only)
- Nissan Z34 370z

NOTE: Early Z33 350z's do NOT have speed sensitive steering

NOTE #2: On the 350z's tool access is quite good. On the 370z it is not which is why we give the option for you to purchase a tool to make removal of the factory solenoid easier. The alternative is to shave an old spanner down to around 5mm in thickness. We can only confirm tool fitment on solenoids that look like the one in our product photos.