Downstar Honda Tuckin' Brakes Kit Booster Delete

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  • Honda Tuckin' Brakes Kit Booster Delete 

    The Tuckin' Brakes Kit BBD is designed to relocate your prop valve when using a Brake Booster Delete setup. This kit comes with all the lines and
    fittings needed to make the install as easy as possible!

    Kit includes:

    • (2) Straight Bulkheads
    • (1) Bulkhead Tee
    • (2) 90 Degree Bulkheads
    • (9) Teflon Coated Lines
    • (1) Master Cylinder Line Adapter

    *** Wilwood Master Cylinder not included.

    ****Doing a Brake Tuck requires some knowledge and common sense. Please read over these basic instructions and email us with any questions.


    This kit is designed to work with this style prop valve.

    Installation tips

    1. Locate circular indentation on firewall. This is where the bulkhead tee will go. 

    2. Drill the hole to the size of the bulkhead tee. Insert bulkhead tee from the cabin of the car and fasten it with the supplied bulkhead nut.

    3. Cabin view of the bulkhead tee location.

    4. Connect the supplied line from the bulkhead tee to the master cylinder.

    5. To make access to bulkhead tee easier, remove climate control sensor.

    6. With sensor removed, it gives you more room to cut out the foam covering the bulkhead tee location.

    7. Cut the foam out for better access to the bulkhead tee.

    8. Much more room :)

    9. Connect supplied lines from the bulkhead tee to 40/40 prop valve front/rear inputs.

    10. After the lines are connected, reinstall the climate control sensor.

    11. These two lines will go from the rear outputs of your 40/40 prop valve to the supplied 90 degree bulkheads.

    12. Cut and flare your rear brake lines and connect them to the 90 degree bulkheads.

    13. This is where the front brake lines will go through the firewall. This is located in your front wheel wells.

    14. Drill the hole in the wheel well and insert the supplied straight bulkhead. This is where it will come back into the cabin.

    This is how the prop valve will sit under your dash.

    *Due to vehicles coming in different models/trims, actual bolt count may vary. Chart is given as reference only