Downstar Honda Accord 2013-2017 Billet Dress Up Hardware Kit

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 Honda Accord 2013-2017 Billet Dress Up Hardware Kit

  • This kit replaces the OEM fasteners with Beauty Washers and socket head bolts 
  • Kit includes fasteners for: A/C Line Bracket, Fenders, Radiator Brackets, Hood to Hinges, Headlights, Front Shroud, Struts and Strut Bar. 
  • Detailed instructions included
  • This kit requires you to install riv nuts into the OEM plastic clip holes on the front shroud in order to replace plastic clips with Beauty Washers. Please see the image for installation instructions 
  • *If Stainless Steel is chosen for the fastener metal, the strut bar and strut nuts will be Blue Zinc Class 12.9. 
  • 6061 billet aluminum anodized Beauty Washer*