DOWNSTAR BMW Trunk Liner Billet Dress UP Hardware

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BMW Trunk Liner Billet Dress Up Hardware Kit

  • Convert the trunk liner plastic screw and clip combo with a threaded insert and dress up hardware
  • Compatible with BMW F8x and E9x
  • Kit includes: (8) fasteners (8) Beauty Washers (8) well nuts
  • This kit will replace the plastic clips securing the trunk liner. 
  • YOU MUST DRILL OUT THE OEM CLIP HOLES TO FIT THE WELL NUTS. The two center fasteners on the F8x are square holes and may take more attention to round out the square and insert the well nut. We were going to leave them out but to be honest, the drilling out is worth it as it gets rid of the phillips screw.
  • We recommend using a 9mm drill bit 
  • Fasteners available in blue zinc, gold zinc and stainless steel
  • 6061 billet aluminum anodized Beauty Washer*