Rzcrew Racing - Limited Edition Burnt Titanium Short Nut L20 - M12x1.5 - Set of 4

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The RZCrew Racing Limited Edition Titanium Wheel Nuts are made of aerospace-grade 6Al-4V Titanium for reliability and strength.

Our wheel nuts are corrosion-resistant, and also some of the lightest in the market.
Following the Function over Form creed, they measure only 20mm. This is enough to hold your wheels firmly secure, while shedding as much weight as possible.
Tipping the scale at only 16g, these are perfect to shave off as much unsprung weight as you can.
6AL4V has a tensile strength of 1,000MPa (145,000psi). By comparison, type 316 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 570MPa (82,670 psi) and tempered 6061 aluminium 310MPa (44,96psi).
Titanium is also unaffected by the high heat generated when racing, and will thus not show signs of fatigue, even after hardcore racing.

Available in both plain titanium or burnt titanium finish, these will hold your wheels perfectly in place, while looking great!

We are only making a limited run of these wheel nuts, with only 140 pieces for the plain titanium and 160 pieces for the burnt titanium ones, so get yours before they sell out!"