Rzcrew Racing - Coil on Plug adapter plate (L15A) - Honda - Fit-Jazz GD1/GD3

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Part Number: RZCOP-L15Z
Ignition Type: Direct Ignition Coils

Commonly known performance issues with older JDM distributor igniters at higher power levels cause many people to convert to more reliable COP (coil on plug) style ignition systems, and the Rzcrew Racing Coil On Plug Adapter Plate is necessary for those making the switch. This billet CNC-machined billet plate will perfectly fit atop your valve cover to adapt OEM fitment K-Series ignition coils to your engine. OEM Honda K-Series ignition coils are available separetly in the shop ( Ref: 30520-RRA-007)
Fit most L15A/ L13A Sohc Valve cover. Please check the picture to identify the shapa and your engine type.