Rzcrew Racing - Big E-Throttle Body Kit - Honda - Fit-Jazz GK5

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Reference Number: BT-H-L15
Intake Type: Throttle Bodies

The Rzcrew Racing Big E-Throttle kit features a 65mm venturi Throttle boody and the adapter plate for a bolt-on Installation. The additional air and velocity drastically helps your engine run and Breath better. It features:
- Rzcrew Racing Big Diameter E-Throttle
- Venturi adapter plate bolt-on to the stock Intake.
-Adding plenum volume to the adapter plate increase's torque and power

RZcrew's Kits are designed to be heavy duty to handle racing application without showing weaknesses or failure.

We highly recommend to have your Throttle body kit professionally installed and Tuned with a standalone ECU to get the best performance out of it.

What's in the Box:
- Rzcrew Racing 65mm E-Throttle
- Rzcrew Racing Adapter Plate
- 4x Extended Screws
-Rzcrew Racing Heat resistant Throttle Teflon Gasket

Maf sensor wiring may need to be extended or rerouted during installation. Stock Intake pipe will not fit due to the difference in Bore. We recommend using an open pod system.

Throttle body opening (65mm):

This part fits:

Fit-Jazz | GK5 | 2013-2018 | NA | L15B7 | I4