Rzcrew Racing - Airstream Power Block Spacer - Toyota - 86 ZN6

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Manufacturer: Rzcrew Racing
Reference Number: AIR-T-FA20
Intake Type: Intake Manifold

RZCrew Racing Power Blocks add an extra length to your intake runners. Thanks to this extra length, the volumetric efficiency of your manifold is increased, providing an optimum airflow so that your engine receives as much air as your intake (OEM or aftermarket) can get. RZcrew's Power Block length has been calculated to ensure the best result with an immediate power and torque increase over stock. It will also shorten the time between gear change on automatic transmission cars.

What's in the Box:
- Power Blocks x2
- Seal Gaskets x4
- Intake Raiser Pin x4

For NA applications, the RZCrew Power Block generates between 4 to 8hp with supporting modifications (high cams, higher flow injectors, etc) and engine tuning.

Colour: Silver is the default colour, for other colours please choose in the menu. Please leave us a note during checkout.

This part fits:

86 | ZN6 (Spec A to E) | 2012-2018 | NA | 4U-GSE | H4